My name is Hai Anh. I was six years old when I first picked up the camera because my dad wanted me to be familiar with photography. He is a famous photographer and cameraman in Vietnam. The cameras have never left me since. After graduating with a Master of Arts from the Academy of Theater and Film in St. Petersburg ( Russia), I have been a documentary director for 15 years, with 7 Vietnamese and International awards. During my time making documentaries in 40 countries around the world, my lens has shot thousands of portraits, families, couples. I understand, family, couple and portrait photography is my passion.

 I actually went back to photography and spent all of my time on it when I settled in the Netherlands. I have also won many international awards of the International Association of Photographers ''Lifestyle''. My style of photography is light, airy and cinema, focusing on capturing natural moments, not awkward, uncomfortable, rigid. Each photo is an artwork, capturing memorable moments in your life. It is my endless inspiration for creativity. 

Language: English, Vietnamese, Russian and Dutch

Location: Everywhere. Netherlands or Vietnam, Europa.

It is always possible to make a photo shoot at any other location, even abroad. Please contact me by email!